10 Top Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner Guide

Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner is the perfect solution to organize your next cruise vacation with ease!

No more disorganization and standing long in the line!

Not only is it a great fun-filled vacation at sea, but it is also relaxing to just get on the ship and have everything taken care of ahead of time —– so travel like a VIP!

Planning a cruise vacation takes a good amount of time to research –  a cruise planner is your RESCUE!

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What is Included in Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner?

I am sure you’ll definitely love simplifying things jotting down & crossing things off your Cruise Vacation Planner whenever something is DONE!

I know that every mom wants to have the best vacation experience for their families.

So sail with the comfort with Royal Caribbean Cruise planner and plan the vacation of your dreams that covers you from A-Z!

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10 Top Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner Guide

1. Choose the right destination

Not all ships are created equal! And it’s important that you choose the destination you want.  We have cruised on Royal Caribbean twice and once with a Norwegian cruise.

If your purpose is to explore new places, then select your destination first followed by the cruise ship of your choice.

Go to cruise website. You can sort by destination, departure ports, special interests, travel dates, and more. 

Hello beautiful mommies!  My passion is to empower burnout professional mommies with an intense passion for places, culture, family, and entrepreneurship to follow their travel dreams!

I went from burnout executive to #WFA (working from anywhere) mom without any fancy office.

2. Pick a cabin

Once you decide on the destination and ship that’s right for you, look into room options that best accommodate your family and your guest(s) to make yourself at home on the sea.

Cabin options are either inside cabin (no windows), outside cabin (with windows) to the outside, cabin with balcony, and suite (a larger cabin).

3. Compare prices

To get the best deal on cruises you may want to call your cruise line directly, a cruise planner, or go to different travel sites like Priceline, Expedia, or Kayak allows you to compare prices within one particular cruise line or multiple lines.

It is always better to know and have an idea of your travel cost. 

4. Don't overpack

Pack as lightly as possible. On most major cruise lines, the size of a standard inside cabin about 150 to 185 square feet, about half the size of the average hotel room, a standard outside 160 to 200 square feet, and a standard balcony 175 to 220 square feet.

5. Anticipate the extra cost

Cruising is still an excellent value, but most cruises are not all-inclusive, so you need to factor in additional cost —such as the shore excursion, beverages (alcoholic or not), specialty restaurants, spa treatments,  laundry, dry cleaning, Internet-use, and tips—can add up. 

6. Amazing deals on last-minute booking

If you are flexible to book a last-minute cruise vacation, then you may want to check some better last-minute deals.  Cruise lines will often try to sell their available space by reducing their cruise rates. If your cruise is already booked, this is also a good time to call your cruise planner to check for cabin upgrades.

7. Consider the ship's dress code

Normally on a big cruise ship, there will be a formal night dinner and formal photo shoots.  The dress code was not strict nor strictly enforced, as long as men are wearing a smart polo shirt and women are wearing a decent dress or trousers then you will be fine. 

I saw some people who had really made an effort which was nice to see. 

8. Explore your ship

Enjoy and make the most of it! You are on VACATION! There are tons of on-board amenities you can take advantage of when you are out at sea.  Walk around and familiarize yourself with the ship and its amenities. You will receive in your room the daily activities newsletter so join and participate. 

9. Choose excursion wisely

Normally excursions from the cruise liners are more costly than if you booked off the ship. Use due diligence to compare prices and see the pros and cons. Make sure when you decide to do an independent excursion know the time required and when you will be back on the ship. 

This is important because you will be responsible for arranging transportation and paying all related expenses to catch up with the ship at its next port if you miss a sailing. 

10. Research ports of call ahead of time

Take the time to find out a little about the port of call you will be visiting to find out what you might like to do or see while you are there. 

When my family joined the 7 Night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise from Royal Caribbean, we flew to Venice (our departing port) 3 days earlier and we visited the neighboring towns such as FlorencePisa, and the colorful and charming villages of Cinque Terre. 

The ports of call are those countries that your cruise ship halts to embark or disembark passengers. 

What Is The Benefit Of The Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner?

Vacation planning should be stress-free. The Royal Caribbean Cruise planner will make the task of planning your cruise so much easier!

This will help you plan ahead and keep all of your vacation details together in one place.

A cruise planner can save you money in many ways! If you have a specific destination in mind for your next cruise vacation, then it may be in your best interest to use our cruise planner printable’s. 

Finding a Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner is totally dependent on your travel criteria and needs.

You can skip the headache with our Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner Printable’s.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner

Roughly 4-5 weeks before your cruise, you will get an email from your cruise agent. 

You will receive your onboard credit from Royal Caribbean immediately. 

This is what my daughter loves about cruising when she can use her onboard credits on the Royal Caribbean video arcade center. 

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Sail with the Comfort!

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You’ll probably get just as much peace of mind using a Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner for great cruise vacation experiences!

It’s very exciting to start planning your cruise!

Closing Thoughts:

The more I traveled, I learned that my time spent with my loved ones is the most precious jewels on earth!

So having a well-planned & fun vacation with families is the B-E-S-T thing ever! — so treasure it!

To recap, here are the 10 top Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner Guide.

  1. Choose the right destination
  2. Pick a cabin
  3. Compare prices
  4. Don’t overpack
  5. Anticipate the extra cost
  6. Amazing deals on last-minute booking
  7. Consider the ship’s dress code
  8. Explore your ship
  9. Choose excursion wisely
  10.  Research ports of call ahead of time

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