travel with jeng

Travel with Jeng encourage YOU to explore the world with EASE & live a life to the fullest with your loved ones. This is the true time freedom that I’ve been looking for…


Don’t be afraid to create something that you’ve never done before – jeng cua

travel with jeng

Travel With Jeng

This Travel blog was created as my own personal travel diary for me to keep organized with our family travel photos and videos taken during our trip. This is where I put all together our family & friends travel moments, waves of laughters, foods, excitements and great experiences and memories traveling around the world and to keep my friends and families informed. 


In addition, this is also for the preparation when my daughter goes to college, this site will just turn as our family hub to reminisce our travel memories together.


It’s all about the adventures, the thrills, the experiences, the culture, people, the food as well as the joy of bonding with your family in other countries. 


Little things that you need to know about me…


I am a full time working from home mom teaching future entrepreneurs around the world to grow their own expertise to build a business that they can own & control to attain financial & location independence.


I love adventures, learning new things, reading books, I love dogs, packing, get on the plane, I am also a cruise junkie, a well organized person that I can’t go to bed if anything around me is a mess! 


Above all, traveling for food & exploring new places always excites me as well as helping people not to depend on anyone or anything when it comes to money making – this is an insight into the so called Design your Future for money to become the by-product of what you do.