Your limitations may just be in your mind

Dream Big!

Anything is Possible!

Believe in Yourself

Claim Your Richness

Does it seem you’re just stuck in the mud-spinning wheels, going nowhere?

Do you totally hate the fact that Your Life can go nowhere?

hey there,


Oh heck! I wanted to encourage you to live a good life doing something you care about.

AND JUST LIKE YOU, I was living paycheck-to-paycheck, borrowing my lifestyle from credit card debts.

In my life, I chose to make HUGE sacrifices in the beginning. 

When my colleague decided to stay in New York, I chose not to stay there.

When my colleague chose to buy a new watch, I chose to save.

When my friend goes shopping, I chose to pay off my debts.

When my neighbor goes out for a holiday, I chose to stay home.

When everyone said, “you would be foolish to give up a steady pay-check and corporate job security?”, guess what!? I  left my 8-5 job in discovering the unknown.

"God never gives us more than we can handle. Everything that comes our way is coming our way so that we can grow and evolve". - Debbie Ford

When everyone said, it’s impossible to make money from home, WHOAHAHAHA I have the joy & freedom of making a living with my passion using my laptop for eight years now & going!

When everyone said, I can’t be a life consultant. I don’t have a master’s degree, and I’m not certified to do it. Want to bet??? Watch me do it!

Everyone said it’s impossible to launch my online business. I’m not a techie, no idea what HTML is, they said. REALLY HUH? 

With my persistence and full determination, I was able to design my future by getting out of debts, worked hard to make money online, and be the first in my family to have clients and students from all over the world.

I know I can’t be here now without God leading me to this path. I just chose to follow his lead and formed the right discipline and made the right choice when things looked impossible for me.

Hello, beautiful people! I’m Jeng, a breakthrough activist. My passion is to help you TURN YOUR GENIUS 💡to dollars & create a version of the life you love!

I went from borrowing my lifestyle to #WFA (work from anywhere) by going digital and I feel like if I can do it as a trailing wife, so can you! – Design Your Future!