About Me

All the travels inside this website, we plan and pay for it. No free rides from any tour operators, no free hotel stays no network marketing program, no free lunch, or anything.

I know exactly what it is like for you to plan a trip, check every budget airline, hotel discount coupons just to have the most budgeted trip because I’ve been there myself…

Traveling is expensive & addictive.

I remember clearly when we were living paycheck to paycheck borrowing our lifestyle from credit card debts…

One summer afternoon heading to Boston when we were filling out our tank & about to hand my credit card to the clerk, I saw a hotel discount coupon of Best Western Hotel at the price of $35 a night…

Went to this particular hotel just to avail of the discount…unfortunately the hotel cannot honor the discount & it prompted my husband and myself to turn our back from the receptionist and walk away…

After establishing my own “digital business career”, I decided that it’s about time to share with you the importance of REAL freedom of having a quality life, work from anywhere with automation & family bonding in exploring the world altogether intentionally – an insight into the so-called design your future! —- creating a version of the life you love.❤️

I’m so grateful and really, really blessed with my life, family, and it’s my time for me to give back to help solopreneur who are ready to launch your own consulting career + digital product.

My Family

Prior to our around the world trip, I worked as an ex-pat executive involved in a business startup for 16 years. 

I quit my highly successful job eight years ago & began my own business startup with $100 capital using my laptop…

Now, I devote my time to this website once a week to upload my family travel memories… 

How Do I Make Money From Anywhere

Over time, my earning methods have changed significantly. Today my income comes from several areas.

1) Affiliate Marketing. Travel With Jeng is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.com. 

2) Online Courses. I have digital products teaching Solopreneur how to simplify their marketing strategy, and earn more with digital services & products that is truly unique for them.

3) Streamlined Automation. I streamlined my business processes for efficiency, simplicity, and fix any broken processes or workflows as well as take charge of my own traffic floodgate with Google Adwords.

4) Coaching/Mentorship.  I provide coaching service for big companies and individuals related to client acquisition process, an opportunity to provide constructive solutions for maximizing company’s profitability and efficiency with Google Adwords.