Beppu Hotel: My Stay at the Kamenoi Hotel

Looking for a place to stay in Beppu, Japan?

Beppu Kamenoi Hotel is a 5 minutes walk from JR Beppu station. And the bus stop going to the 8 hells of Beppu or experiencing the thrill of the sand bath, and the natural Onsen mud bath are all located at JR train station that is very convenient to reach from the hotel.

I was so happy that I made the right decision to stay at the Beppu Kamenoi Hotel because it is not only a few minutes walk from the JR train station, but right across from the hotel, there is a Lawson (a popular convenient store in Asia).

The hotel is also about 10 minutes walk to restaurants and the Tokiwa department store (the oldest department store in Beppu).

Kamenoi Great Value Hotel in Beppu

If you are looking for a family-friendly Onsen hotel in Beppu, Kamenoi hotel is the place because the room is above average size in Japan.

Upon arrival, I was instantly impressed by the welcoming gesture of the receptionists. They are warm and helpful.  When we arrived at the hotel, it was 10:30 in the morning.  Beppu Kamenoi Hotel Check-in time is 3 pm, so the staff assisted us to leave our baggage first, so we can go around and start exploring the charming town of Beppu.

A nice and safe start to our Beppu vacation.

I was trying to book a double room for my family, but they upgraded us to a family room for 6 people. Frankly, this room was too huge for the 3 of us (a total of 6 beds).

Nice big rooms with nice view from room 606 where we stayed. 

Beppu Kamenoi Hotel offers various types of rooms for couples, families, groups, and solo travelers.

Beppu Kamenoi Hotel shower area. The shower stool is part of Japanese culture. Whether in outdoor hot springs or bathhouses, shower stool is commonly used in Japan to sit on to wash before you soak yourself into the hot tub.

Beppu Kamenoi Hotel Facilities

After a long day strolling around, you will feel rejuvenated after bathing in Kamenoi hotel indoor spa or in their open-air bath on the 3rd floor.

Beppu Kamenoi Hotel has a large spa that can accommodate 100 men and women each at once.   I love their spa and their outdoor bath.  It was clean and my daughter and I really enjoyed the  “sit-down” shower together.

It was nice to have a relaxing time in a calm and healing atmosphere at the Kamenoi hotel spa.

Yukata (Japanese robe) is available in your room, but if you want to get extra – you can get it in the lobby beside the elevator.

Children are also allowed to go inside the hot bath areas.

Beppu Kamenoi Amusement Center

They have the “dagashi” zone on the 3rd floor (just right across the hot bath area), offering some popular old Japanese candies and old Japanese children’s toys.

My husband and I can relate to some of the Japanese old games because during our childhood these kinds of games are also popular in the Philippines. The round paper ball we called SIPA and the paper board with a lot of prizes attached to it.

Beppu Kamenoi Hotel also has a  huge shop on the 1st floor that sells varieties of candies, ice cream, noodles, drinks, Japanese snacks, local souvenirs, and clothes.

Beppu Kamenoi Hotel Restaurants

The hotel has three restaurants –  Japanese restaurant, Chinese and Western.

You can enjoy “tori-ten”(chicken tempura), “Ryukyu”(sashimi marinated in soy sauce, sugar, and sake in Aburaya Kumahachi Tei Japanese Restaurant.

And, if you are craving a variety of food, you can try the buffet restaurant “Shidaka”,  You can enjoy the combination of menus from Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine in a buffet style.

Beppu Kamenoi Hotel Kids Zone

I am sure that you will have fun with your family or friends if you stay at Beppu Kamenoi Hotel.  The hotel also has table tennis, massage, and a laundry area.

The Beppu Kamenoi Hotel was well equipped with all amenities you need to help your stay in Beppu a memorable one!

Final Thoughts

Make sure to plan your trip earlier with my Japan Travel Planner that I personally created with love💕 to help you plan your vacation with ease. One experience I had when booking a hotel in Japan was the room was taken so fast! Either you will be left behind with fewer options to choose from or the hotel rates are too high that range from $250/night and above.

During my stay at Beppu Kamenoi Hotel from October 6 to 8, the rate I’ve got for a double room for 3 people is $157/night, but they upgraded us to a family room.

Enjoy Beppu and have a pleasant stay at Beppu Kamenoi Hotel!

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