Are you struggling with the basic challenges of never-ending payments or perhaps cannot save enough for your retirement? Money matters because it can help you analyze your options to make better life decisions.

Money matters because it is one critical component of anyone’s well-being. If you are working hard for your money, this is the right place for you to be your own boss with your own personal finances.

Organize your money & have better choices in designing your future!

Any advice and tips inside this website are based on my own personal journey that works for me. I am not a financial advisor. Do your own research and consult your own professional financial advisor before you make any decisions with your own money.

My aim in creating this “Money Matters” section inside this website is to help you mommy manage your money well, set a budget, get out of debt, save and invest, and spend more quality time with your family! Because once you are drowning in debts, this would seem like the world is caving in around you, and getting out seems an impossible task.

You’re not alone!

Money plays a huge part in my life now because I know how to live on nothing and I used to borrow my lifestyle.

Enjoy your journey mommy! – an organized life of freedom and purpose!