Visiting Olympia in Greece

Visiting Olympia in Greece

Olympia in Greece is an ancient site that is worth visiting. Olympia is the birthplace of the Olympic games way back in 776 BC.

Katakolon, Greece is one of the stops of the Royal Caribbean 7 nights Eastern Mediterranean cruise.

How far is Olympia from Katakolon port?

The driving distance from Katakolon port to the ancient Olympia is about 35km (about 30 minutes drive).

We took a bus from the Geo tour. You will find their kiosk just a few steps outside the Katakolon port.

So this is a good option not to take the pricey tour from the cruise ship. You can book online with Geo travel and pay there when you get there or can just walk-in when you arrive.

Geo travel provides a bus to Olympia and returns to Katakolon port for 10 Euro.

Geo Tour is located just right behind us

Geo-travel were at the blue and white shop outside of the port gate.

Normally the cruise will only give you a short time to explore around. Better that you ask Geo travel for how long you need to wait since they need to fill the bus so you make your own decision about going with them or taking another option.

How much time needed to go around the Ancient Olympia in Greece

The ancient site can be seen in 2-3 hours but that all depends upon how much time you want to spend in each area.

If you are a fast walker and will not spend too much time, then you can finish it in 2 hours or less.

Easy to walk on your own as there is descriptive signage throughout the ancient site.

The Philippeion at Olympia in Greece

Olympia in Greece

The Philippieion, the only circular building inside the ancient site.

Located west of the temple of Hera, it was dedicated to Zeus by Philip II of Macedon.

Ancient archaeological sites.

The Philippeion stood on a marble base 15.3 meters in diameter and was comprised of 18 ionic columns.

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Olympia in Greece

The Temple of Hera

The temple of Hera is one of the oldest temples in Greece.

The Temple of Hera was built of wood in the 7th century, and then the wood was replaced by stone.

Olympia in Greece

The Archeological Museum

Consider visiting the archaeological museum in Olympia in Greece. 

You will find here the famous statues of Hermes of Praxiteles and of Nike Paionios.

Olympia in Greece

The archeological museum is one of the important museums in Greece.

The museum is well organized with detailed explanations for each epoch and it will take you at least 40 minutes to one hour.

A great collection of ancient artifacts.

Temple of Zeus in Greece

The Temple of Zeus

The temple of Zeus was constructed at around 470 B.C. when the ancient Olympic Games were still ongoing during those years.

Olympia in Greece

The Temple of Zeus has been badly damaged by 2 earthquakes, centuries ago.

So there are parts of the Temple, including columns that were scattered around the ancient site.

Katakolon Olympia in Greece

If you like history and particularly Olympic history, this is the place to see. 

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Have fun in Olympia, Greece

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