Jeng Cua

TRAVEL WITH JENG encourage YOU to explore and travel the world with EASE with your loved ones to live life to the fullest! – The True Time Freedom That I’ve been Looking For…

About Me

My name is Jeng Cua. I am an Online Business Expert, founder of, a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, Mentor, a friend, a wife and mother to a beautiful daughter and son.


This travel blog was created as my own personal travel diary for me to keep organized with our family travel photos and videos taken during our trip.  This is where I put all together our family travel moments, laughters, food, excitement and great experiences traveling around the world  to keep friends and families informed.  


In addition, this is also for the preparation  when my daughter goes to college, this site will turn as our hub to reminisce our travel memories together.


It’s all about the adventures, the  thrills, the experience, the cultures, the people, the food and the joy of bonding with your family in other countries.


I’m originally from the Philippines, now living in China working full time from home.  I used to be a flight attendant for seven years & an expat executive for 16 years & decided to quit my full time job on May 2, 2012.


After establishing my own “online business career” for four years, I decided that it’s about time to share people the importance of quality life, work balance & family bonding in exploring the world  – an insight into the so-called design your future!

How Do I Make Money?

Over time, my earning methods have changed significantly. My first dollar made online was from blogging. Today my income comes from several areas.

I make money through the following methods:

1) Affiliate Marketing. I promote other people’s product. I link to products that I recommend (products that I can stand 100% behind it)  and earn a commission if people buy them using my affiliate link.

2) Online Courses. I provide online training courses to those people  like me who wants to start an online business without any technical knowledge from the comfort of your home & be your own boss.  This online course is a practical starting point for total beginners in taking serious action steps in building an online business totally from scratch. This is a powerful online business setup system. 

3) Ad Campaigns.
 I run paid advertising for brands (products that I promote), & for my own products using PPC ADS with Google Adwords, Facebook, social media promotion and more.

4) Consulting/Mentorship.
 Most of my consulting is more on  business startup, system, product creation, online marketing, outsourcing and automation.

5) CPA/Email Marketing. I get paid when someone fulfilled the actions such as filling out the form, signing up for free trial, etc. 

Quitting my full time job & doing the things that I really love doing is one of the best & biggest decisions I’ve ever made in my life without any regrets.

Little things that you need to know about me…

I am a full time working from home mom, learner, big dreamer, I love big dogs, I love reading, packing, get on the plane, a big fan of cruising, well organize that I can’t go to bed if anything around me is a mess.  I have no patience of sewing, cooking and ironing.

I love traveling for the food, the thrills and spending time with my family in other countries. I love exploring places, trying new things and I love teaching & helping people how to build their own “online business career” NOT to depend on anyone or anything when it comes to money making…

Design Your Future For Money To Become The By-Product Of What You Do!

To Learn more about me and How I Design My Future just CLICK HERE!

Note: Making money online as a full-time online business career is NOT easy to do. This is in no way an easy quick rich solution — it requires massive amount of time, hard work, consistency, actions, marketing budget and networking.