6 Fun Things To Do In Bronx Zoo

Are you thinking of taking your kids to the Bronx Zoo?

Going to Bronx zoo on my first date was a solid plan and faith from GOD.  And I can’t imagine that the Bronx Zoo is located just across from Fordham’s Rose Hill campus where my daughter graduated from college this year.

And I am so grateful to be back to this zoo after so many years with my kids.

Bronx zoo opening hours start at 10 am. And when you start early, you can beat the crowds and the animals are outside during the early morning because as the day gets hotter they may recede to shaded areas.

Here’s what you need to know. 

It’s a HUGE Zoo! The Bronx Zoo is the largest urban zoo in the United States of America sitting on 265 acres of land.

Don’t be too surprised if you don’t get to see all of it.

So plan and find out first what animals you and your kids want to see so you can first focus on the things that are on top of your lists.

Planning a vacation can be overwhelming! This travel planner will help you plan ahead, and get organized with all the travel preparations you need.

Here Are My 6 Fun Things To Do In Bronx Zoo

It’s great to connect with the animals you love at the Bronx zoo especially if you are traveling with your loved ones. 

Congo Gorilla Forest

The Congo Gorilla Forest is one of the most popular exhibits of the Bronx zoo offering an up-close look at gorillas. This exhibit trail you walk down is approximately 530 meters long.

Congo Gorilla Forest offers visitors a unique opportunity to directly impact African rainforest conservation. 

The Jungle World

In the Jungle World exhibit, you will encounter white-cheeked gibbon, fruit bats, tapir, otters, and majestic leopards.

An excellent walk into a warm and tropical climate offering energetic primates, tapirs, and otters playing in their own habitat. 

Bengali Express Monorail

Wild Asia Monorail that includes a peek at wild animals along the way, including red panda, mountain goat, deer, elephants, and rhinos. It’s relaxing to sit while you get to see a lot of animals on the move.

The monorail driver provides information about the animals and a recording plays for visitors to learn about the wildlife conservation.  You’ll definitely enjoy the wildlife from a closer perspective. 

Bronx Zoo Nature Trek

You can experience crossing the hanging bridges and exploring the nature around you. The Nature Trek is perfect for kids, moms, and dads who are young at heart,  to explore.

The hanging bridge is pretty exciting for the whole family who normally goes on adventure or nature trips.

Wild Encounters

The Bronx Zoo has the perfect opportunity to make your day you’ll never forget with an up-close experience with the animals. You can ask questions about animals caring for and feeding.

Does Bronx Zoo Exhibit Open All Year Round?

Many exhibits are open all year-round such as the world of reptiles, the world of birds, and aquatic bird houses, however, some are seasonal operations only open during warmer seasons such as the Butterfly Garden, and the Children’s Zoo, Wild Asia Monorail, and Zoo Shuttle.

Some animals, like those in the African Plains exhibit, will not be outside during the coldest months.

Bronx Zoo Tickets

Before coming to the Bronx Zoo you need to have an advanced online booking.

The Bronx Zoo offers Wednesday Limited Admission tickets which means you can enter the park for free. However, individual attraction tickets are required for premium exhibits and rides. $7 per person, per attraction, or you can upgrade your Wednesday limited admission ticket to the all-inclusive Wednesday admission and receive unlimited access to the premium exhibits and attractions available that day at $17.95.


Bronx Zoo Hours

Bronx zoo opens every day at 10 am. Closing hours depend on the seasons.

From April 2 to November 5

Animal exhibits close:
4:40 pm (Monday to Friday)
5:00 pm (Weekend & Holidays)
Zoo closes: 5:00pm (weekdays)/5:50pm (weekends & holidays)

November 6 to March

Animal exhibits close:
4:00 pm (daily)
Zoo closes: 4:30 pm (daily)


Final Thoughts

Bronx Zoo is a perfect place for family and everyone who is looking to get up close and personal with animals and nature.

If you only want to go to one zoo during your New York trip, Bronx zoo takes a whole day to enjoy and leave the hectic environment of Manhattan.

Have a wonderfully blessed, stress-free, productive, and joyful day!

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fun things to do in Bronx zoo

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