hotel lero dubrovnik

Hotel Lero Dubrovnik

Our Unplanned Stay At Hotel Lero Dubrovnik

Hotel Lero Dubrovnik is a modern hotel located just over a mile from Dubrovnik’s Old Town.

When we joined the 7-Night Eastern Mediterranean Royal Caribbean Cruise, the first destination was Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

After we came back from the Game of Thrones tour at Dubrovnik’s old town, one hour before the ship departs my daughter shiver due to a high  fever,  my husband and I just decided to get off the ship to take her to the nearest hospital.    

One Night Unplanned Stay At Hotel Lero Dubrovnik

The Royal Caribbean Cruise arranged one local transport to bring us to the nearest hospital and the driver was also the one who booked us to Hotel Lero Dubrovnik.

We are just so lucky that Montenegro is just a 3 hours drive from Dubrovnik that we were able to catch the cruise ship the next day. 

The driver was so nice and he was also the one who drove us to Montenegro. 

Hotel Lero is a modern hotel with 155 air-conditioned rooms located on the busy road and it’s about a 5-minute walk from Bellevue beach.

The Dubrovnik – Cilipi Airport is situated around 15 miles away, or 25 minutes by car, while it’s about 20 minutes on foot to the Gruž harbor where the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship docks. 

The Lero Hotel is about 20 minutes walk from the main bus station.

The room decor is simple with modern furnishings, minibars, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs with satellite channels.

Hotel To Stay In Dubrovnik

Hotel Lero is a nice well-maintained hotel if you plan to explore Dubrovnik.

Many of the front-facing rooms have distant views of the sea.

  • A short walk from a pretty, sandy beach
  • With outdoor pool with loungers and shower
  • Spa with sauna, steam bath, and hot tub
  • Clean and well-maintained
  • HotelFree newspapers in the lobby
  • Good buffet breakfast selections
  • Laundry facilities

Good Restaurant Near Hotel Lero Dubrovnik

The Taj Mahal Bosnian Restaurant is just next door.  They play Sevdah music –  Sevdah is a traditional genre of folk music from Bosnia and Herzegovina. They offer a traditional Bosnian home cuisine with a homely atmosphere and views from the terrace.

The waiter is friendly and he provided excellent service and his recommendations were superb.

Taj Mahal Bosnian Restaurant Lero Dubrovnik

Amazing food and excellent service. The service was homey and you can tell they are proud of the food they serve. 

Our First Bosnian Food Experience at Hotel Lero Dubrovnik Croatia

No complaints regarding the quality of the food and the service. Highly recommendable!

If you decide to stay at Hotel Lero Dubrovnik, the Taj Mahal is something that you should try!

A dish of Bosnian meatballs in a special sauce serve with potatoes. Just delicious! The meat they serve is of high quality. 

I had sish cevap (simmered veal with vegetables, roasted potatoes, and thick cream kaymak).  It was just amazing and the meat is so tender…

We never tried or even thought to try Bosnian food before, but we’re just so glad that the Taj Mahal was located beside Hotel Lero  (just an additional bonus!). 

Everything the staff recommended was really great.

My Overall Experience at Hotel Lero Dubrovnik

Hotel Lero is an excellent choice for travelers visiting Dubrovnik. The room is clean, and the bed is comfortable. 

The hotel is close to some of Dubrovnik’s most popular landmarks, such as the Love Stories Museum (0.9 mi) and Gornji Ugao Tower (1.1 mi).

There are several great attractions that are within walking distance of Lero Hotel, including Ancient City Walls (1.1 mi), Old Town (1.2 mi), and Lapad (1.1 mi).

Hotel Lero Dubrovnik is a thumbs up for me!

Enjoy your stay at Hotel Lero Dubrovnik!


Things To Bring Home From Dubrovnik Croatia

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