3 Biorhythm Cycles You Maybe Ignoring That May Change Your Life

Before I started blogging and work at my own pace, I spend months and months trying in vain to manifest an “abundant” life. 

I tried the law of attraction, read the secret book, followed life coach gurus, and bought countless courses.

I always ended up right where I started…

It’s the same reason why most people have been struggling to get what they really want from life.

  • Whether it’s finding your soulmate…
  • making the money you deserve…
  • paying off all your debts for good…
  • buying your dream house…
  • maintaining good health
  • or getting the fulfilling, high-paying career doing what you love…

As you’ll see, being my own boss to travel and work at my own pace was all up to me. 

I was in pain.

No one else was coming to save me. I am so anxious to end my financial and career struggles otherwise I will keep going to the same toxic again and again.

Positive thinking…

It doesn’t matter what I try…

I KNEW I had to do something drastic to my Biorhythm to change my life...

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My journey was painful at the start… but after I discovered how my biorhythm cycles flow, it rocked my world.

Several years ago, I was seriously buried in the debt-trap and I felt as if there was no way out. 

Exhausted burnout executive mom working in a cog machine with nowhere to go.

I didn’t really have to begin trying to manifest BIG things. I  simply just wanted to secure my future and to get out of debt for good.

It turned my life around so fast it made my head spin.

It’s not uncommon for you to be able to make $100 or even $1,000 extra income from home… 

And I never even knew I could feel so connected to financial abundance and living a stress-free life!

What I’ve discovered is how the Biorhythm cycle works and the unlimited abundance it triggers.

Is available to anyone…

How you too can discover how to create an organized life of freedom and purpose into one of unlimited abundance.

What are Biorhythm Cycles

Did you know that we all evolve and adjust ourselves to the regular rhythms of the universe around us?

I started blogging in July 2016.

Along the way, I have evolved and transformed as a blogger, writer, mentor, investor, and more importantly as a human-being…

I noticed several interesting patterns in my mood.

I know, spending money to learn to manifest money seems like CRAZY!

There were times I was super motivated, energized doing what I love, and able to provide better quality posts and able to make more money effectively.

But there were times no matter how hard I tried working on a project, I can’t put my ideas together. I self-sabotage and get stuck.

These patterns repeated in periodic cycles.

I had really nothing to do with time and luck since I love blogging and I always find and make time to share my experiences especially my struggles as my way of journaling what I’ve been through to help others.  

In fact, this TravelWithJeng website is my second website already. 

I was wondering if there is any scientific explanation that can possibly give me answers for these repeated cycles?

And that’s when I learned about Biorhythm.

What is Biorhythm?

Biorhythm is a theory that our daily lives are affected by simple mathematical biological rhythmic cycles with the period of exactly 23, 28, and 33 days.

Which affect one’s ability in various domains, such as mental, physical, and emotional activity.

Have you ever wondered why some people were born with rich genes or poor genes?

And those that know how to activate it have to bring in huge fortunes in their lives that already exists since the early 1800s.

Below are the 3 Biorhythm cycles that regulate our health, emotions, and intellect. 

Source: Wikepedia

We have three biorhythm cycles: a 23-day physical cycle, a 28-day emotional cycle, and a 33-day intellectual cycle.

The physical cycle manages strength, energy, endurance, initiative, hand and, eye coordination.

While the emotional cycle manages moods, nerves, feeling, sentiment, and creativity.

The intellectual cycle manages rationality, common sense, focus, reasoning, sense of direction, judgment, and decision-making.

Click here to watch this video and make sure you tap for the volume.

It’s completely given me a deeper awareness of my life path and truly feel in control of my destiny…

At that moment, I relaxed into a realization…

My quest for manifesting the version of the life I loved, for escaping my depressing life.

I now have full control of my steering wheel to live the life I WANT and not the one I used to believe I was stuck with.

I’d even asked God for a sign and I spilled my guts. I told him EVERYTHING.

And I love it when something pops in front of me at the exact right time.
It’s like a sign from the universe!
I actually felt a little freer and do anything I love to spend more quality time with my family now. 

What’s the Link Between Biorhythm and Getting a Life of your Dream?

You can consciously observe and note down your own patterns with the biorhythmic framework as described above…

It’s a secret known only to the world’s richest people.

And for decades, they’ve been passing this secret down through their families. From generation to generation.

A life with purpose and personal identity beyond your wildest dreams.

Now, would you like to clear out what’s blocking your energy so you can manifest the life YOU want?

When put together into one simple routine in checking your biorhythm, the results are astounding.

This synergistic combination of your biorhythmic cycles and if you want to work first with your wealth combine this in finding the convergence of what you love doing and with what other people want to spend money on. 

I created these Japanese secrets to living good planner printables in my Etsy design your future shop in acts like a powerful trigger that quickly manifest things that you want in life, relationships, health, and even money.

All at once.

Being my own boss to travel and work at my own pace are all the “external” manifestations like money, traveling, my dream house, and all that…

But let me tell you about the deep-seated, soul-soothing peace I experienced…

I could feel my limiting beliefs are melting away…

And I experienced peace and balance in my own identity and purpose in life.

I could see myself already living the life I was destined for.


This secret I wish I knew when I wanted to quit my job 8 years ago and not leave my daughter with a babysitter all day while I went to a job.

There are so many options and opportunities that you DON’T know about and it takes someone with decades of experience to show you all the ways in which you can reinvent the way you EARN a good living from the comfort of your own home or just like me as a Pinay trailing wife living in China.

Things that you ENJOY doing because work should be FUN, right?! 

I was finally living my best life. 

And it happened not because I became a “master” of my thing…

I simply watch this 30-minute video in a quiet, calm, peaceful place.

Whatever is blocking your most powerful self from manifesting itself will be cleared away.

And your authentic self will emerge more powerful than ever by being aware of your own “Biorhythm Cycle”.

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