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My Glasgow to Edinburgh Day Trip

With a free day on our hands, we decided to embark on a spontaneous day trip to Edinburgh.

The journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh always fills me with a sense of adventure and nostalgia, especially as I anticipate sharing this experience with my daughter by my side.

Our Glasgow to Edinburgh Trip

Back when our daughter was scouting universities in the UK, my husband and I explored Edinburgh for the first time. Now, visiting her in Glasgow, we decided to take a day trip back to Edinburgh.

The morning air was fresh as we hopped on the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

We felt excited to revisit the city’s historic sights with our daughter.

In Edinburgh, our daughter showed us around. 

We strolled through the Old Town, admiring the old buildings and vibrant streets. 

We took our time, exploring the Royal Mile and Holyrood Park.

A Family Day Out: Glasgow to Edinburgh Adventure

As the train pulled into Edinburgh Waverley station, memories flooded back.

The winding cobblestone streets, the majestic Edinburgh Castle perched atop the hill, and the vibrant energy that filled the city.

Marveling at the medieval architecture and soaking in the rich history that surrounded us.

What to Eat in Edinburgh

Arriving in Edinburgh, we looked for a cozy restaurant serving traditional Scottish food. We found one in the Old Town.

Our First Scottish Dish: Haggis.

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish.  A taste from Scotland made from minced sheep’s organs mixed with oatmeal, spices, and onions, all encased in a sheep’s stomach and cooked.

When the haggis arrived, we were a bit nervous. 

But when we tasted it, we were surprised—it was delicious! 

It was rich and full of flavor.

Edinburgh Tasty Surprises and Family Time

Taking a walk with my daughter and guess what? 

We found an oyster place.

She loves oysters, so she was thrilled! 

It’s fun finding new places together. Exchanging laughter and stories as we indulged in the delicious fresh plates of seafood.

The hours slipped by effortlessly as we explored Edinburgh’s hidden gems, from quaint bookshops to enchanting gardens, each moment etching itself into our memories.

The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh

For over 30 years, The Scotch Whisky Experience has been a five-star visitor attraction located at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. We’ve been inspiring visitors to Edinburgh about the joys of Scotch whisky.

They’ve got these cool tours where they teach you all about how Scotch whisky is made, from grain to glass. There’s even this awesome barrel ride that takes you through the whole process—it’s like being on a whisky rollercoaster!

It’s like a treasure trove for whisky lovers!

As the sun began to set, we headed back to the train station, grateful for a day filled with family adventures and unforgettable memories.

How Long is the Train From Glasgow to Edinburgh

The train journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh typically takes around 50 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the specific train service and any stops along the way.

When the train came, we found our seats by the window. We watched as the scenery changed from city buildings to green fields and cute towns.

Soon, we saw Edinburgh’s famous sights from the train—castles and hills.

 We couldn’t wait to explore!

How Much is the Train Fare from Glasgow to Edinburgh?

Train fares from Glasgow to Edinburgh can vary depending on factors like the time of booking, the type of ticket purchased, and whether you choose first-class or standard seating. 

As of my last update, a standard off-peak return ticket could cost anywhere from £30 to £50 per person. 

However, it’s best to check the train schedule and price from Glasgow to Edinburgh for the most up-to-date pricing and ticket options.

From Glasgow to Edinburgh: A Day Trip Full of Memories!

Despite our daughter’s bustling school schedule, our short trip to Edinburgh had been a delightful escape, filled with cherished moments. Though the time was short, the memories we created will linger in our hearts for years to come.

A testament to the joy of bonding together in another country is the happiness we felt exploring its streets, discovering new things, and creating memories together.

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