Maybe you feel anxious about the future of your career? Maybe worried you might be laid off before you even pay your mortgage?

This, might make you feel more and more frustrated which poisons your mind that you will never be successful or be wealthier. These feelings trap you and keep you away from doing what you need to do to unleash your greatest potential. 

Sound familiar?

hey there,


Several years ago, I self-sabotaged. Destroying and undermining my self-worth. I don’t even notice that this destructive behavior is harming me.

I was exhausted working as a cog in a machine that keeps me going nowhere. 

And with my definite sense of job uncertainty and frustration, I could not see what my future would look like. And out of curiosity and desperation, I stumbled upon the true cause of why burnout professional mommies (like me) fear most about losing their job.

It was the kind of pain that I quickly labeled myself “paranoid”. 

In 2012, I left my highly successful job as an ex-pat executive and started to check opportunities after opportunities on how to end my uncertainties.

Climbing down the corporate ladder was simply the turning point of my inner peace.

Few reasons why (in no particular order) I want to be my own boss:

  • Securing my future. Quitting my job is not my response to any bad experience with a terrible boss.  It was a mixture of my body and mind exhaustion. Will my current job be there for me forever? Of course not. I can do nothing and become a lame duck, or I can create a different path.
  • Retire comfortably. I don’t want to rely on social security during my golden years. Life expectancies are also increasing and social security alone (probably) won’t cover my healthcare bills.
  • Prioritizing my family. No pursuit of any dream or career can come at the expense of my family. My family is vital for my happiness as well as my primary motivator. For me, a happy family works well to attract any good fortune.

I was all over the place doing trials and errors. I searched online about “how to make money” opportunities, but the majority of my time was spent bouncing through scams and sifting through various websites, but only to find out that there is no step-by-step solution for me to get started.

I hustled doing anything and everything I could, that even eats away my ego. Then, I quickly realized that life is the sum of all the choices we make.  If you’re like most folks, life’s uncertainties can cause you tremendous anxiety. 

Will I get hired for the position?

What are the results of my medical check?

How to pay my mortgage?

How can I send my kids to school?

All of these creates anxiety attack.

Why? Because uncertainty equals danger.

The good news is, you can reinvent the way you make a good living to follow your dreams and create a new future!

Does it take hard work? Yes.

Sacrifices? Yes. (a lot).

But YOU CAN GET THERE! Because I’m committed to showing you how you can reinvent the way you make a good living to end your job and money uncertainty. 

You can deliberately create your own path for achieving Comfort, Fulfillment, and Freedom.  Literally, having a better life and creating your new future starting from now on. 

Anything is possible!

I really do appreciate that you get on board! And I wanna help you whatever it is you're trying to accomplish.

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