Dapeng Fortress Shenzhen

Dapeng Fortress & Dongshan Temple Shenzhen

My Trip To Dapeng Fortress & Dongshan Temple in Shenzhen, China

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During China’s mid-autumn holiday, my husband and I decided to explore the city of Shenzhen.  There are several places to see in Shenzhen. Aside from the Window of the World, we also visited these two historical places during our short stay in Shenzhen – the Dapeng Fortress and the Dongshan Temple.

The Main Entrance of the Dapeng Fortress

What is Dapeng Fortress

Dapeng Fortress is an old ancient town that you can explore in Shenzhen, China. Dapeng Fortress is a 600+year old walled-city that is well preserved that is worth to pay a visit.

Dapeng Fortress contributed much more to Shenzhen’s history. Inside the walled city, there are several old houses that are now converted into a small restaurant and shops.  It was fascinating to walk the narrow ancient alleys that was 600+ year old.

It is good to see the original architecture of these houses. You may feel you are back to the old days.

How To Get To Dapeng Fortress:

There are several buses that can take you there from different districts. The following is a list of places you can depart from and what bus to take. 

If you are coming from Shenzhen airport, you can take the airport express #6 to Liuyibu (Luohu)-> Bus E11 to Dapeng -> Bus B756 to Dapeng Suocheng

From Yinghu Bus Station: Bus E11 to Dapeng -> Bus B756 to Dapeng Suocheng

From Futian Bus Station: Bus H92 to Dapeng -> Bus B756 to Dapeng Suocheng

From Longgang: Bus 833 to Dapeng -> Bus B756 to Dapeng Suocheng

From Longgang Bus Terminal: Bus 818 to Dapeng -> Bus B756 to Dapeng Suocheng

There are several small local shops and cafes for tourists to enjoy.  The entrance was free.

The main entrance leads to a path that slopes slightly uphill towards a grand courtyard.

 Very nice to see that this place is still stuck in an era from long time ago.

The Dongshan Temple

This is the Entrance that you will see from the road that is heading to Dongshan Temple

We visited the Dongshan Temple after visiting the Dapeng Fortress. This is just located at the south of Mount Longtuo to the east of Dapeng Fortress.

You can just walk from the Dapeng Fortress to get to Dongshan Temple.

Dongshan temple is a Buddhist temple with stunning architecture with nice roof carvings, impressive statues, and great artworks. A quiet and peaceful place that is well worth visiting.

If you are in Shenzhen, you may also want to visit the Window of The World. My husband and I also had fun visiting the window of the world.

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